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virtual studio manager

virtual studio manager
"... and one to control them all."

the virtual studio manager (vsm) from l-s-b technologies is a state-of-the-art controller system that incorporates all aspects of broadcast control and more. regardless of whether you need to control tally, routers, glue equipment or gadgets, audio consoles, video mixers, gpio's, umd's, multiviewer, panels, a/b-switches and many more - the vsm integrates all. the vsm has proven its flexibility and reliability in both mobile and stationary studios. the unequalled redundancy makes It perfect for 24/7 applications while its online editing features give you the means to respond to your needs instantly, providing the perfect base for mobile and live productions.

to save time?
to save money to increase productivity?
could it really be this simple?
to integrate everything?
to control it all?

router control
unlimited amount of layers/routers, unlimited signal sources and targets.
support for virtually all common routers and other similar devices ever increasing amount of supported protocols, current over 100 possibility to control and to be controlled by 3rd party systems

fully integrated, transparent and automatic tie-line management
manages the connections between multiple router performs all necessary switching transparently for the user monitors usage and automatically reuses free tie-lines
tally and labeling is automatically updated.

automation & scheduling
easy and intuitive user interface.
different views and elements freely combinable with other panel functions scheduled events may control signals, gpi's, gadgets, timers...
comprehensive logging and export import of traffic files

alarms & monitoring
every event in the system can trigger an alarm
alarm view with filter function
export to file
every alarm can trigger an event
various text fields for comments and escalation management

comprehensive redundancy
two or more servers running in parallel, instant switchover load balancing always synchronized
no downtime when updating configurations, online software updates are possible

gadgets & gpi's
endless possibilitiesbr/> integration of both GPIs and parametric conbr/> e.g. control of room lighting from any panelbr/> e.g. control of UPSbr/> e.g. alarm monitoringbr/> e.g. CCU/OCP/RCPbr/> e.g. Tally and Audio-follows-Videobr/> e.g. DSPs and other Modular Equipment

the vsm's fully integrated tally management requires no extra configuration and reflects any changes to the signal flow instantly while allowing for full flexibility when required. the operator can concentrate on the specific needs of a production without having to double check and synchronize multiple systems.
the flexibility of the vsm makes tally not only interesting for the camera operators. the simple press of a button, which is also freely configurable, can do the assignment and selection of red, green and yellow tally to individual production control rooms and their umd's.
audio-follows-Video events can also be easily derived from tally for the use with audio consoles.

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