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zirkon - Perfect on-air.
outstanding user friendliness, a high degree of modularity and a wide range of functions—zirkon sets standards in broadcasting. the reasons: its simplified surface, freely configurable operating elements and ergonomic details such as motorised faders, touchscreen user interface and multi-layer design which assures clearly greater efficiency. So it is no surprise that this mixing console is especially preferred by broadcast professionals: by hosts who want to concentrate completely on their broadcast content. And by technicians who are looking for flexible and extendible solutions.

the crystal - welcome to digital broadcasting.
with the crystal, lawo offers the ideal mixing console for broadcasters who want to be on air - now. with high-quality technology, made in Germany. with a well thought-out, user-friendly control surface that inspires, and with smart design that fascinates. and all this at a price that's also affordable for tight budgets.

z4 – the small mixing console for ambitious productions
you want to produce interviews, off-air telephone recordings and short features. what you need is a mixing console that is easy to operate and functions reliably. such as the z4, the flexible solution for simple productions in the studio, mobile units and small regional facilities. the z4 is a professional tool that shines with its functionality and superb technology.first, because it is network enabled, simple to configure and especially flexible; second, because of its attractive compact design, an easy-to-understand user interface, and first-rate build quality.

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zirkon the perfect on-air solution
the crystal feature rich and affordable
z4 small mixing console for ambitious productions

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